Production Service

One of Scays’s unique specialities is providing our clients with reliable, sustainable and ethical garment manufacturing and production services, as well as manufacturers in jewelry and accessories.

Strategically our offices are placed geographically in areas close to garment factories, apparel manufacturers, and suppliers, which means we have the ability to search multiple countries and get quotes from multiple factories for you at the same time.

We have an experienced team who are passionate about bridging the gap between business leaders and the world’s best manufacturers. Our team is able to provide you with superb quality control and merchandising, to keep a close eye on garment manufacturing and production, ensuring that all of the client’s requirements are captured and met. As we have offices in close proximity to factories & suppliers we are present on the ground before, during and after production, ensuring all of the client’s requirements are met.

Dedicated Production Manager

Each client works with a personal project manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire garment manufacturing process.

Our project managers provide guidance and support through all stages of sustainable garment manufacturing and are dedicated to your success. We will track and communicate each step of the production process and strictly keep to agreed timelines.

Seamless Fashion Manufacturers

The range of services we offer to assist you in bringing your creations to life include:

  • Garment productionplanning
  • Scheduling
  • Quoting
  • Advice
  • Sourcing of fabrics and accessories,
  • Technical Design Files: pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making and cutting,
  • manufacturing,
  • quality control,
  • fitting service,
  • Trims and labelling,
  • packing and logistics.

Everything is managed by experienced ethical fashion and sustainable manufacturers in the industry.



Sampling reduces error and risk, which saves money in the long run. We recommend this to all our clients.

Prototype Sampling

Prototype sampling provides you with a tangible representation of your idea to see how your finished garment might look. It is common to have revisions and changes at this stage. To create a pro­totype, we would need a sample or a technical file.

Sales Samples

Sales samples allow you to bring your ideas to buyers without committing to costly inventory. Sales samples give the buyer a full understanding of the available products in your line.

Pre-Production Samples

Pre-production samples showcase exactly what the completed garment will look like in all sizes and styles, including trims, fabrics, and embellishments. We can assist in organizing this critical step that allows our clients to verify the sizing and grading before going into full production.

Technical Detail

A tech-pack is required to outline the specifications necessary to be provided to a garment factory before a product is created. This document will detail all measurements, quantity, colors, sizing, grading, fabric, embroidery, printing, packing instruction, etc. Having a complete tech pack is beneficial in streamlining the process and avoiding unnecessary contact with the designer to validate small details in clothing production.

We allow you to have your technical specifications in-hand whether you’re manufacturing at our facilities or with another organization. If you’re interested in learning more send us a request below and we’ll get started!