Logistics Service

Scays provides full logistical support, including label stock holding, packing, transportation and warehousing. We can offer our clients consolidated shipping solutions.

We can follow any type of packing instructions to secure a perfect arrival of the goods adapted to your needs.

Feel free to send us your requirement or ask us for our advice adapted to your projects.

Price will be given case by case.


When shipping freight internationally, it’s important to choose the appropriate mode of transportation to ensure your products arrive on time and at the right cost. Your decision to ship by land, sea, or air depends on a careful evaluation of business needs and a comparison of the benefits each method affords. Picking the best possible mode of transportation is critical to export success.

For Air and Sea freight, we can advise you of our regular cargo companies that we use and trust, but we can also work in collaboration with your own transport companies.

If you need information regarding custom clearance and import taxes within your country, we advise you to contact the custom authority in your country as every country has different laws and rules.

When in contact with customs, just explain to them what you will be importing, how you will be importing it (airfreight, sea freight), the value and the quantity, material/ fabrics, and customs will be able to inform you in advance of the taxes which may apply and any conditions applicable.

Feel free to contact us if it is not clear or if you need us to assist you.