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International Fashion Agency "Scays"

We specialize in supporting fashion and lifestyle brands through sourcing, custom manufacturing, buying, design, brand development, technical packs, quality control, following, image production, logistics, sales & marketing of fashion products. Scays is a fashion agency that has an international reach to support businesses like your own.


Scays provides end-to-end solutions for all your needs in setting up a new brand or developing your current one. We are one of the leading fashion consulting firms in the world with experience in catapulting fashion brands to soar to new heights of success.

We Make It Easy

We recognized that many new and established brands, struggle to stay in the market due to the challenges faced in accessing the right manufacturers and sourcing the right textiles.

Our Fashion business solution assists you with handling some of the stress of bringing your product to market.

Every product manager understands the pain of developing fashion products. You have to develop tools, source materials, find textile design agents, create patterns while staying true to the brand’s DNA, and staying on budget. We, as a proven clothing, accessories and jewellery outsourcing company set up the design and development center to handle all of this. The result? Easier, faster developments and no wasted time or money for your brand.

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We Are Your Team

“Scays” is a fashion agency that offers a progressive way to manage your brand and increase your company’s productivity while reducing costs, and increasing security. Our fashion outsourcing service brings a relentless approach to style, quality, timing, communication, professionalism and efficiency.

Our fashion agency experts have spent 20+ years experience working back-of-house, for many fashion brands. We’ve designed, made, and produced collections that are retailed globally. With fashion experience from New York, Singapore, Australia, Amsterdam to London, we work hard to ensure you get the best garments and product with no fuss. Leave it with us, we got you covered.

The Scays Privileges

We specialise in assisting our clients to navigate the fashion industry by providing reliable support, expert advice and professional service.

Expertise, Quality & Reliability

Through sharing our knowledge, experiences and communication skills in production we’re able to empower our clients to achieve the highest standard of quality.

Transparency & Sustainability

We are committed to work in a sustainable, fair & transparent was where our clients are encouraged to come and visit us on site and experience the difference in our way of working.

Mutal Growth & Flexibility

We believe that your growth in our growth, therefore we are committed to think and at as genuine partners to see mutual benefit.

for Sustainability...